Charles Dickens: A Life

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 05/10/2011
RRP: £30.00

Award-winning author Claire Tomalin chronicles the life of Charles Dickens, who remains one of Britain’s most internationally acclaimed novelists. The book’s narrative flow is excellent, making it enjoyable and easy to read. Tomalin reveals the flamboyant personality behind some our of nation’s favourite novels, showing how Dickens’ ups and downs during childhood helped to shape the lives of his characters. The book charts the complex life of a man who was passionate about both his writing and his philanthropic work. Tomalin brings together Dickens’ private and personal life, exploring in depth the relationships with his friends, family and lovers that until now have remained an elusive mystery.

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9780670917679

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