The Child Inside

The Child Inside
Suzanne Bugler
Reviewed by Rosie Phenix-Walker
Fri, 06/01/2012

On the outside, Rachel is a devoted wife and mother who has everything.

In reality, however, she is painfully lonely. Ignored by her husband and resented by her teenage son, Rachel’s thoughts soon spiral out of control. She is haunted by two tragic losses: her stillborn daughter and Victoria, the old school friend who she can’t forget. These dual obsessions weave through the narrative, leading to a shattering finale.

Rachel is an engaging and articulate narrator, providing a gripping tale of obsession and desperation. On occasion her narrative can feel a little insular, and the book seems slow at first. However, the pace picks up once Rachel begins making decisions, especially as those decisions lead her along increasingly destructive and engrossing paths. 


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