City of Fortune

City of Fortune
Roger Crowley
Reviewed by Janice O'Halloran
Thu, 04/08/2011

According to Roger Crowley, even before Venice became the wonder of the world, it was a curiosity, its social structure and its strategies distrusted.

Geographical position, livelihoods, political institutions and religious affiliations marked it out. Living between several worlds—the land and the sea, the east and the west—Venice belonged to none of them.

At times extremely detailed, City of Fortune is an assiduously researched chronicle of 500 years of Venetian history. Commencing on Ascension Day in the year 1,000 and culminating in an explosion off the coast of Greece, this highly readable maritime history introduces the reader to many of the great families of Venetian history who began their rise to fame in the city's boom years. 

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