Stuart Neville
Reviewed by Sheila O'Reilly
Thu, 18/08/2011

A follow-up to Twelve which was one of my recommendation reads last year, and I have to say that this is a better book in every way.

Gerry O'Fegan, a former hitman, is in hiding in New York after witnessing an attack on the farmhouse belonging to the ruthless Bull O'Kane. O'Kane has hired an assassin, The Traveller, to eliminate the witnesses to the crime.

Back in Belfast, detective inspector Jack Lennon, father of one of the witnesses, is determined to uncover the whereabouts of his daughter. But the closer he gets to the truth about what happened at O'Kane's farm, the more his superiors warn him off and Lennon soon realises that his only hope may lie in an alliance with Fegan, the man his force tried to put away.

Collusion is a fast-paced thriller in which the characters are more developed than in Twelve. Neville has moved on slightly from the constant references to the Catholic/Protestant tensions that were in the first novel and the storyline has greater depth. It’s great to have a “local” talent after all the hits from Iceland and Scandinavia.


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