Crazy River

Crazy River
Richard Grant
Reviewed by Sarah Davis
Little Brown
Fri, 20/01/2012

Crazy River is travel writer Richard Grant’s real life compelling account of his adventures in East Africa.

When he hears of an unexplored and mysterious river in Tanzania, an exhilarating journey that leads to the very source of the River Nile ensues. But modern day Africa is full of unpredictable surprises and dangers. We follow Grant’s perilous travels as along the way he encounters an array of interesting characters including thieves, gangsters and a man-eating crocodile called Gustave.
Frank, witty and, at times, downright scary Crazy River is a testament to Grant’s bravery, determination and tenacity. Fascinating and thrilling, all the sights, sounds and colour are perfectly captured in the finely paced, acute, humorous and beautifully constructed piece of travel writing. 
Travel, maps

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