Dark Market

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Bodley Head
Publication Date: 14/09/2011
RRP: £20.00

It could be argued that anyone with a bank account or credit/debit cards should read this book - but where this argument perhaps fails is that anyone with a nervous disposition probably shouldn’t.

Dark Market is an account of the modern and worrying world of cybercrime where 'carders' obtain, sell and fraudulently use thousands of compromised bank cards and bank accounts on a daily basis. 

Like me, readers will be shocked at how readily carders could obtain the tools of their trade, and at how international law enforcement agencies struggle to work together and convict cybercriminals for their wrong-doings. 

Thoroughly researched and brilliantly written, anyone with a bank account really should read this, nervous or otherwise!

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9781847921260

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