The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox

The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox
Fleet Street Fox
Reviewed by Catherine Larner
Mon, 11/02/2013

When a tabloid reporter doorsteps her husband with his mistress, the resulting fracas sees her arrested and spending a night in a prison cell.

Shocked, humiliated and facing the reality of divorce proceedings, she battles to hold herself together as her world falls apart. Chronicling every detail in her diary, the now-outed ex-Mirror journalist Susie Boniface's observations on life, relationships, and the newspaper industry make raw but also highly entertaining reading, reminiscent of a real-life Bridget Jones. The story is apparently true, having first appeared as a blog; and the highly personal content, with its angst and venom, does sometimes make rather uncomfortable reading. But it is a real and compelling account of the all-too-familiar breakdown of a marriage, and is a fascinating insight on an industry struggling to retain its integrity.


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