The Doll Princess

The Doll Princess
Tom Benn
Reviewed by Kathryn Flagner
Random House
Fri, 06/01/2012

In July 1996 the murder of an oil heiress in Manchester sparks a major police investigation.  

In contrast, the murder of Alice, a local prostitute, on the same night in goes virtually unnoticed.  However, Alice’s ex-boyfriend Bane makes a connection between the two deaths and sets out to find Alice’s killer.  As an enforcer for a drug dealer turned night club owner, Bane makes an unusual detective but is ideally placed to move between the worlds of glamour and the gritty reality for those at the bottom of society.  He discovers both worlds are linked by trafficking in drugs and sex.  

The Doll Princess is a crime novel unlike any other; the voices of real people can be heard throughout its pages.


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