Extra Virginity

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Atlantic
Publication Date: 01/01/2011
RRP: £18.99

Beautifully descriptive, Extra Virginity captures the enduring vitality of the olive tree, through mystical ages past to the present day.

The reader will be captivated from the first page and by the end of the book will be a convert to the cause: the purity of extra-virgin olive oil must be preserved at all costs and against all odds in the face of wide-spread, serious money-making deception, with major players, scandal and long-drawn out court cases.

Tom Mueller juxtaposes this deception with almost poetic descriptions of the profound effect olive oil can have on both individuals and whole communities, bringing out, not just the hidden flavours in food, but the essence of individuals, from peasant farmers to oil executives, giving pleasure of the purest kind.

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9780393070217

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