Fallen in Love

Genre: Children's
Publication Date: 02/02/2012
RRP: £9.99

Fallen in Love is a collection of short stories featuring the peripheral characters from Lauren Kate's Fallen books.

The book provides valuable insight into the characters themselves, as well as how their relationships have shaped their decisions, actions and personalities in the other time periods already portrayed in the series. Although these are individual character stories, they still revolve around the main storyline featuring Daniel and Luce.

Familiar recaps within the narrative keep the story fresh in the imagination while simultaneously progressing each individual story, and the way in which all the characters converged at the same time and place enriched the story-line as a whole.

In reality, not all relationships have a 'happily ever after'; the inclusion of heartbreak along with the 'true love' ideal provides a nice balance. The notion of true love together with soul-mates is the basis of the story, giving a source of hope to them all.

The way Valentine's Day celebrations were depicted in Medieval times gave them far more credence than the commercially exploited day celebrated now. The glorious descriptive writing brings the Medieval World to life within the imagination.

Hints are subtlety placed within the narrative to gear the main plot towards its conclusion in RaptureFallen in Love provides a great addition to the Fallen series and is a must for all Fallen fans.

Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9780857531643

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