Finding Cherokee Brown

Genre: Children's
Publisher: Electric Monkey
Publication Date: 04/03/2013
RRP: £6.99

Ever since Claire Weeks’ best friend Helen moved away to Bognor Regis, she has struggled to make new friends at school – and worse still she can't escape the bullies that torment her. With her form teacher, herself a victim of the taunts of serial bully Tricia, turning a blind eye to Claire’s situation, no friends to support her and a mother and stepfather who don’t really get her, Claire decides to write a book as a means to take control of her unhappy life.

Guided by the wisdom of Agatha Dashwood’s So You Want to Write a Novel, Claire begins to write up her story. But first she needs a compelling name for herself, something more suited to a heroine than Claire. On her fifteenth birthday she receives a card addressed to Cherokee with a birthday message from Steve telling her she can find him at Spitalfields Market. Perplexed by her mother’s reaction to the card and the strange name on the front, she soon discovers that she is Cherokee and Steve is her estranged father who abandoned her and her mother to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star in America – and whom she has never heard from or seen since.

But after another disastrous morning at school, Claire heads out to find her father. Despite an unconventional first meeting, she begins to bond with Steve, learning more about her heritage and growing in strength and confidence until the shy and victimised Claire Weeks emerges into the powerful and bold Cherokee Brown. Finding Cherokee Brown is young adult writing at its best. Dealing with difficult themes and real teenage problems, it offers an inspirational and hopeful message. A must read.


Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9781405260381

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