Gift of Time: A Family's Diary of Cancer

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Constable
Publication Date: 17/08/2011
RRP: £12.99

This is a stunning and deeply moving memoir told from the viewpoint of the author, his wife and his mother, about the latter's battle with cancer. When Joan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Rory MacLean and his wife Katrin took her into their home. For five months, as their life fragmented and turned inward, they fought both to resist and to accept the inevitable. Each of them vented their emotions in different ways, but all three kept a diary. This is an intensely private and moving account of their life written with honesty and an acceptance of the outcome. There is a real feeling of intrusion, as the reader is part of some intensely private moments, and yet it is also a love story which is strangely uplifting.

This memoir opens your mind as to how you might deal with loss and with the only certainty in our lives: death. For me this was a life changing book and one which I will cherish for years.

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9781849018579

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