In Glorious Technicolor

In Glorious Technicolor
Francine Stock
Reviewed by Lisa Randall
Chatto & Windus
Thu, 06/10/2011

In Glorious Technicolor is a wonderfully detailed account of the films that have shaped us as individuals, and western society as a whole. Radio 4’s The Film Programme presenter Francine Stock has chosen some unique films to illustrate her points, and the book makes incredibly interesting reading. From the very first recorded ‘film’ in 1899 (a 5-second recording of a sneeze) through to such blockbusters as James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009, Stock is clearly very passionate about her subject. Lovingly researched and brilliantly executed, the book isn’t just for film buffs; it’s hugely readable and boasts material critical to both historical and sociological perspectives.

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