The Good the Bad and the Multiplex

The Good the Bad and the Multiplex
Mark Kermode
Reviewed by Sally Hughes
Random House
Thu, 01/09/2011

Mark Kermode’s exploration of film-going is a witty diatribe against all that’s wrong with cinema today. He bemoans, in curmudgeonly fashion, the triumph of digital over celluloid, multiplex over arthouse, popcorn over chocolate-coated raisins. He explains the crucial difference between film critic and showbiz reporter, and how a movie as bad as Sex and the City 2 can make a profit. With his popular film review programme on Radio 5 Live and writings for the Observer, Time Out and Sight & Sound, Kermode really knows his stuff. While this reeks of personal prejudice, the end result is a funny and insightful look at the movies – think of it as A.A. Gill for cinema-buffs.   


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