The Greatcoat

Publisher: Hammer
Publication Date: 02/02/2012
RRP: £9.99

It’s 1952 and Isabel is a newlywed doctor’s wife when she finds an RAF greatcoat in a cupboard in her new flat.

Woken by a tapping at the window, Isabel finds herself face to face with a pilot, peering through the darkened glass. This is the beginning of a passionate and mind-altering affair, complicated further by Isabel’s creeping realisation that this pilot may not be as straightforward as he seems.

Helen Dunmore’s deftly woven plot and gradual revelation of detail is gripping right until the last page. Isabel’s unquestioning acceptance of the mysterious events can feel a little jarring, and does require slight suspension of disbelief, however The Greatcoat is a strong novel with an intriguing plotline and cleverly crafted atmosphere. 
ISBN: 9780099564935

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