Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: 03/08/2011
RRP: £12.99

A man finds a severed head in a newspaper vending machine in downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, adult film actress Raven Lane is having trouble with a stalker. Luckily bodyguard and ex-member of the Royal Military Police Ryan Lock is in LA finishing off a case and it is not long before he takes on the job of protecting Raven against whoever might be out to get her…

Gridlock is Sean Black’s third book to feature Ryan Lock and fans of Lockdown and Deadlock won’t be disappointed with this instalment. This fast-paced thriller explores the murky underside of LA’s adult entertainment industry through the plight of its intriguing female protagonist, Raven Lane. Black deftly switches back and forth between different characters’ perspectives, keeping the reader guessing as to whether Raven can really be trusted behind her 'violet eyes'.

At times violent and gripping, Gridlock constantly plays with the reader’s expectations and several chapters end with cliff-hangers that will leave you holding your breath with anticipation. Considering the overwhelming amount of Scandinavian crime fiction that has been on the shelves recently it is also refreshing to read a thriller set in sunny Los Angeles. Gridlock’s final twists and turns will keep you on tenterhooks right up until the last chapter.

ISBN: 978-0593063415

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