The Haunting of Charity Delafield

Genre: Children's
Publication Date: 03/11/2011
RRP: £9.99

Flame-Haired Charity Delafield leads a lonely existence. Nearly 13, she’s grown up in a huge mansion and raised by her extra fiercely strict father… and the servants. Charity has forever been forbidden from exploring the house and even forbidden to step past its rusty iron gates! Her dad constantly tells her she is not allowed to do things because of her ‘condition’ that she suffers. Apparently it’s a very rare condition but Charity has always felt fine… apart from the fact that all of her life she has dreamt of a long, dark corridor hidden in the house.

On a cold snowy day whilst playing hide and seek with her maid Rose, Charity Delafield miraculously stumbles over the same corridor she has been haunted by. There’s a mystery behind every door in that dark, dim corridor, and with the help of a local chimney sweep, Silas, she begins to unravel the truth about her dead mother and family history.

The Haunting of Charity Delafield is a great story about all sorts of mysterious goings on, all cleverly put together by the fantastic Ian Beck. It’s told really well and overall, it’s one of my new favourite books. I would say this book was perfect for my age group, (I’m 11 years old) but it might be enjoyed by younger age groups too.

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