How to Keep a Boy as a Pet

Genre: Children's
Publisher: Laura Cox
Publication Date: 06/05/2012
RRP: £6.99

Fifteen-year-old Circe is struggling to understand boys.

How do they work? Why is it one minute a boy says he fancies you and the next he is dating the most stuck up show off in the whole of year 10? What is it that attracts a boy to a girl? Circe has no idea what the answer is, and as everyone else in Circe’s class have coupled up, Circe is sure there is some secret about boys which everyone in the whole world knows but her. Even her best friends Tash and Ben can't help but snog each other every opportunity they get, much to Circe’s frustration. 
At the prospect of spending an entire summer on her own, (everyone else will no doubt be snogging) Circe sets up a blog, and, acting as a ‘totally sophisticated journalist’ decides to uncover the truth about boys. And when savvy New Yorker Rose comments on her blog with some really great advice and truth about boys, Circe is excited to try it out. Introducing Rufus: the scruffy, black haired new boy, who, Circe believes if she takes savvy Rose’s advice, will soon be eating out of the palm of her hand. But nothing is ever that simple, is it? 
Diane Messidoro is great at capturing the hearts of young teenagers, as through this fun-loving and easy to read story we learn a lot about the mystery of boys. 
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9781405258166

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