I Am Half-Sick of Shadows

Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: 03/11/2011
RRP: £12.99

Christmas is coming in the sleepy village of Bishop’s Lacey, and as snow falls, the excitement is setting in thick and fast at Buckshaw, the home of the de Luce family. In an attempt to rescue the family finances, Colonel de Luce has reluctantly handed the sprawling, crumbling setting of Buckshaw over to Ilium Films. The company, full of demanding directors and fumbling electricians, are creating the latest blockbuster starring global sensation, the actress, Phyllis Wyvern. However, as always with Alan Bradley’s sensational characters, all is not well and before she knows it, our enigmatic and charming eleven-year-old heroine Flavia is up to her neck in snow… and murder!

I am Half-Sick of Shadows is Flavia de Luce’s fourth meeting with murder, as she has previously featured in three of Bradley’s novels, beginning with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. She is utterly original and enchanting to behold as she brushes off hapless detectives and her cruelly sarcastic older sisters on her scientific search for the truth. She is part world-worn super sleuth, part eccentric experimenter, and entirely captivating.

A must-read for those bored with repetitive crime fiction, this is a true thriller, with an exciting plot and an adorable heroine. Just don’t tell her I called her adorable – she wouldn’t be impressed!

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