The Iron Man

Genre: Children's
Publisher: Walker
Publication Date: 01/11/2011
RRP: £15.00

Whether you have read the original 1968 Iron Man or not, the classic story has been given a new lease of life in this absolutely gorgeous edition. 

Illustrator Laura Carlin has used a palette of colours that evokes the intensity of the huge metal man who comes from nowhere and terrifies the people of the earth, using industrial murky greys, dull blues, rusty reds and oranges.
The opening pages give a real sense of foreboding, using long shadows and the red of the Iron Man’s eyes. Abstract use of graphics  highlights poignant areas of the story: the anxiety of the people as the Iron Man eats his way through the steel and iron farm machinery;  Hogarth’s feelings as the monster is finally trapped, lured into the pit and buried deep within the Earth.
As the story unfolds there are hidden extras: pages that fold open to expand on key moments truly immersing the reader within the intensity of tale. Remember this is only a children's story and really isn’t as scary as it seems; Carlin's exquisite illustrations may, however, be something that children aren't used to in picturebooks. But this is classic children's story with pictures that adults can appreciate, making it an ideal Christmas gift.
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Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9781406324679

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