The Islanders

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: 21/09/2011
RRP: £12.99

To call Christopher Priest a science fiction author is true, but doesn’t quite get it – it’s like calling Jane Austen a big name in chick lit. His breathtaking imagination, coupled with a distinctive gift for measured, deliberate prose, makes his work genuinely spellbinding. Priest’s first novel in seven years revisits the Dream Archipelago, a remote cluster of islands that are linked by concepts and memory as much as by geography. Narrated by conceited islander Chaster Kammeston, who has his own hidden agenda, it unfolds steadily to become a wondrous, treacherous beast with murder and war lurking in the shadows. Original, intricate, accomplished fiction on this scale is rare indeed.

Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780575070042

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