It Could Have Been Yours

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Profile
Publication Date: 03/11/2011
RRP: £9.99

People are always buying the most extraordinary things, and not just those awful downloads at the top of the music charts these days. Over the last couple of years you could have bought an aircraft carrier from our Royal Navy, bits of the Statue of Liberty, or well-known artworks, manuscripts and more – who knew? This book is the result of research into the notable sales and auctions of the past couple of years.

What with celebrities leaving things behind (the contents of Elvis’s medicine cabinet changed hands recently), and other people failing to leave things behind (the pole-bound flag Captain Scott took south is here too) there will always be a chance of follow-ups to this book in years to come. It’s a repeatable format – picture, price, and thumbnail essay, but it’s rather a small and subdued book, nowhere near as exuberant a gift as its contents.  But the compilers have done a good job in stating why these items passed hands for at times remarkable sums.

So what we have here is a welcome little study into record sales; quirks of history, culture both high and low – there are lots of things here to covet, even if you probably didn’t know they were on sale, and definitely didn’t have the money. All of it makes this is a quietly covetable little book too.

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9781846684906

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