Publisher: No Exit Press
Publication Date: 21/07/2011
RRP: £12.00

A man wakes to find himself buried in a pile of dead, unclothed bodies. He has no memory of who he might be and how he got there. Resisting panic, he fights his way free and immediately is caught in a series of events that hinge on one’s place in a world built upon identity and identification. Characters remain nameless, identified solely by their role within the narrative. Only as each grim event occurs does the basis for these identities become revealed.
This is a dark and shocking novel that, while not to everyone’s taste, deserves a wide readership. The distance employed by Dodd – characters, location and date are never given – is necessary for a tale which can serve for any epoch and any horrific event that has been forced on one set of peoples upon another.  Despite the rawness and violence, or perhaps because of it, this is a compelling novel with just enough tenderness and kind emotion to temper the harsh world of Dodd’s narrative.

Tags: Jew D O Dodd
ISBN: 9781842433515

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