The Legacy

Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date: 03/08/2011
RRP: £12.99

A terrorism-fraught story of how 9/11 ripped friendships apart, The Legacy begins with Ralph and Julia attending the same Sydney University and bonding over their love of obscure movies. Ingrid, a distant cousin of Ralph’s, is brought back into the family after bereavement. She’s beautiful, glamorous and intelligent and instantly Ralph is infatuated.

Ingrid inherits a fortune and leaves to travel, visiting museums and galleries of Europe and ending her tour in New York, where she falls in love. Distance means that the close friendship of the three quickly spirals apart. At 9am on 11 September 2001 Ingrid has an appointment with her financial advisor downtown. She is never seen again. The actual event of the Twin Towers falling is glossed over but the book looks more at the aftermath, of how people dealt with the tragedy – an interesting slant that gives insight as to how different people deal with grief.

Twelve months later Julia decides to visit New York to try to piece together Ingrid’s life before that fateful day in order to gain closure and to discover how her once close friend spent her days in her new life. What she finds is surprising and disturbing.

This is a good read for fans of romance and psychological thrillers – a successful combination of the two as it gives the reader something to think about while enjoying the underlying theme of unrequited love. A promising debut from Kirsten Tranter.

ISBN: 9780857380609

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