Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 11/11/2011
RRP: £25.00

Maus is one of the most famous graphic novels in the entire genre: a sterling look at one man’s history of the Holocaust, and his telling of it to his son. And now, we have the definitive book about it all in these covers.

There are many times you will doubt any volume deserves such forensic dissection as Maus gets here, but every time you do you will find some facet in the story, some small detail in these pages that illuminate your appreciation and knowledge of the original, and be grateful for it. The end result is a perceptive and intelligent look at the artist at work, with all his creative process detailed in brilliantly reproduced sketches, notes and minutiae.

Alongside that the DVD-ROM offers a second chance to buy the complete, annotated Maus on computer files, plus hours and hours of video, audio, sketchbooks, addenda and more.  This, then, is the exhaustive, if never exhausting, look at the original from every conceivable angle – academic, yet acceptable, exclusive but never excluding.  It’s as good an example of its kind of book as the original was a generation ago.

ISBN: 9780670916832

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