Minxy Vintage

Minxy Vintage
Kelly Doust
Reviewed by Rhian Jones
Thu, 02/02/2012

The rise – or perhaps, at this point, the revival – of the second-hand shopping trend continues with this attractively packaged book by Kelly Doust, a veteran charity-shopper and flea-marketeer.

Minxy Vintage is aimed at established practitioners of the art of rehabilitating and updating a wardrobe as well as interested beginners. Written in an engaging and accessible style, the book guides the reader through a wide-ranging array of over 50 customisation projects – from wedding dresses to cardigans - interspersed with before-and-after photography. Paying as much attention to practicality and resourcefulness as it does to currently fashionable sensibility and aesthetics, Doust has fashioned a stylish addition to the ranks of books for Austerity Britain.

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