An Officer and a Gentlewoman

Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Constable
Publication Date: 19/01/2012
RRP: £16.99

After a chance meeting at a dinner party, bored with the tedium of her City job, Héloïse Goodley makes a decision that will radically change her life.

What follows is an often uproarious account of Goodley’s officer training at Sandhurst. Gone are the sharp suits and heels, to be replaced with scraped back hair, military attire and shiny polished shoes. The writing is crisp, clear and honest as Goodley relates the trials and tribulations that she experiences to achieve her goal.

Both humble and refreshing, An Officer and a Gentlewoman will challenge any misconceptions readers may have about what it like to be female in the Army. An enjoyable read that demonstrates how guts and tenacity can win out against the odds.

Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9781780330044

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