One Model Nation

Publisher: Titan
Publication Date: 27/01/2012
RRP: £16.99

It’s the 1970s in Germany, and the Red Army Faction of terrorists are engaging in their criminality.  

Unfortunately linked to them are people such as Sebastian, who just wants to make music and play in bands, meet David Bowie and so on.  The politics of the time are intertwined with cultural movements such as those his bands are part of, and nobody is completely safe as a result.
This was an unfortunately hard to read graphic novel, no matter how exciting the premise.  All the guys in both bands – one a Kraftwerk rip-off, the other much more industrial – look very much the same, which was the point of course but it doesn’t help this narrative. You cannot be sure which band is playing as a result, but put that aside some of the creative team have produced sterling work.
The colouring really goes far to split the narrative – flashbacks, scenes in two sections of a prison during a breakout, and so on.  The plot is pertinent, however much removed from the mid-70s the reader is these days.  And the artwork – characterisation aside – puts to the reader the energy and style of the day and what the author was concentrating on. The tie-in album by the Dandy Warhols, whose lead singer constructed this, will make this a quite immersive and very interesting side project.

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