Opal Moonbaby

Genre: Children's
Publisher: Orion
Publication Date: 05/01/2012
RRP: £6.99

This is the first book in a new series by debut author Maudie Smith in which we meet an alien - should we be afraid?

The only thing to be afraid of is devouring the book in record time. Young readers will love this story, which has been delicately woven with threads of challenged friendships, adventure, intrigue and everyday life through the eyes of our main character Martha and her brother Robbie. 
Our alien, AKA Opal Moonbaby, arrives in the midst of the night when everyone should be asleep…but for just a few milliseconds the local milkman encounters the arrival. There stands a girl with huge, gleaming, violet eyes and her luminous hair spinning round her head, clutching a strange little furry creature. But who will believe the milkman?
Martha awakes to another day she isn’t looking forward to; she doesn’t look forward to any day since she lost her best friend Chloe to the clutches of new girl Colette. But it’s the start of the summer holidays and that brings new hope to Martha - no school, no confrontation with the Secret Circle Club - only her brother Robbie to look after while mum goes to work. Some summer holiday…but then they meet Opal.
Readers will be delighted with the world of Opal: quirky little sayings and miss matched words all adds to a summer holiday not to be forgotten.
Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9781444004786

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