Publisher: Harvill Secker
Publication Date: 22/06/2011
RRP: £12.99

The seventh book from one of Iceland's best-known crime authors featuring the team of Detectives Erlendur, Elinborg and Oli, Outrage opens with a murder—though there's no sign of a break-in, and the victim appears to have taken rohypnol. With Detective Erlendur away, Elinborg begins her search for the truth while juggling her family responsibilities.

While the story is gripping, moving along at a solid pace and taking you around the island with great descriptions of the countryside, it does end a little more gently than one would expect from a crime novel. The dynamic of the relationships between the three detectives runs through the novel, but with Erlendur absent, that particular thread is left unresolved. Perhaps it will be taken up again in the eighth book.

ISBN: 9781846555503

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