Up Pohnpei

Up Pohnpei
Paul Watson
Reviewed by Lesley Gallagher
Profile Books Ltd
Thu, 02/02/2012

This microcosm of sporting endeavour in Micronesia charts the unlikely union of boyhood dreams on opposite sides of the globe.

Two young Englishmen, who realise their ambition of becoming international footballers (for whatever country will take them!) will never become a reality, attempt the next best thing: to meld an assortment of athletic but undisciplined islanders into a winning team and a place at the FIFA high table.

Triumphing against the odds – finance, rain, toads, sunburn, boils, bureaucracy, injuries, isolation, and ‘island time’ – Paul and Matt finally manage to gain the sponsorship required to ignite the belief of both the Pohnpei squad and the men in suits that they can mount a credible challenge to the relative might of neighbouring Guam. Game on!


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