Post Everything

Post Everything
Luke Haines
Reviewed by Andy Murray
William Heinemann
Thu, 07/07/2011

To some, singer-songwriter Luke Haines is the father of Britpop. 
The man himself, ever the contrarian, would probably demand a paternity test. From the early 1990s, he led assorted influential bands – The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder – and won a cult following. His songs are unfailingly intelligent and literate, qualities that he put to use in his much-admired autobiography, Bad Vibes. This second volume picks up in 1997. Haines’ endeavours over this period are torpedoed by bad luck or, often, self-sabotage. But his acid, misanthropic perspective and killer turn of phrase make for a compelling read. Okay, there’s a lot of petty point-scoring, but elevated to something of an artform.

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