Q: A Love Story

Publisher: Fourth Estate
Publication Date: 02/02/2012
RRP: £16.99

Q is the love of our hero’s life. Theirs is a fairytale romance and, when he proposes, everything falls into place.

But when a man who looks a lot like him shows up, claiming to be from the future and convincing him not to marry Q, his life’s trajectory changes. As more versions of his future self appear, suggesting everything from running club to Proust, he searches for ways to set his life back on track. But without Q, nothing seems to have a future.

Evan Mandery’s novel is more than a love story. Encompassing science fiction, quantum physics and philosophy, Mandery reconsiders the relationship between self-improvement and happiness, and what we would change if we could. It is elegant, witty and playful, and vastly intelligent. A heart-warming, mind-expanding book.  

ISBN: 9780007447602

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