The Revelations

The Revelations
Alex Preston
Reviewed by Ben Peel
Faber & Faber
Thu, 02/02/2012

In The Revelations, a group of young, attractive, affluent Londoners attend weekly sessions of The Course, a dogmatic religious movement. Led by a charismatic priest, The Course at first seems to offer solace to their otherwise frenetic shallow lives. However events at a weekend retreat set a train of events in motion leading to fundamental collisions of belief.

Preston explores the ever-present dilemma with religion of whether the accumulation of wealth and power can co-exist with faith. Indeed as David, The Course’s somewhat sinister founder comments, ‘There are twice as many verses in the Bible about money as there are about how to pray’. Alex Preston has written a hugely intelligent and entertaining novel which could be read as a thinly veiled critique of evangelical Christianity.


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