On the Road to Babadag

Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: 13/07/2011
RRP: £14.99

Translated from Polish, “On the Road to Babadac” is a poetic and highly readable journey through an intriguing Eastern European with a modern day Jack Kerouac.  The author is a restless traveller, keen to explore countries he and we know nothing of – by car, train, bus and ferry.  He takes us across borders to visit small towns and villages in unfamiliar countries like Albania, Moldova, Slovenia and Romania.  Here we meet everyday people, in bars and cafes, grappling to live in a post-Communist era as capitalism and crime offer both possibilities and dangers.
Stasiuk is one of the most influential Polish writers alive today and his take on the other Europe, one most of us don’t recognise, is an important and accomplished one.

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