Sanctuary Line

Genre: Literary
Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date: 27/02/2012
RRP: £16.99

Liz Crane, grieving after her cousin’s death in Afghanistan, moves back to the family farmhouse on Lake Erie to pursue her study of monarch butterflies.

Once there she reminisces on the long summers spent playing with her cousins and Teo, the son of one the Mexican workers who helped with the harvest. Liz recalls the endless stories her uncle told the children about their ancestors, the Butlers, who had for generations been lighthouse keepers and farmers. But these memories are clouded by tragedy; Liz’s uncle has been missing for decades.
Urquhart’s beautiful prose propels this quiet tale of familial love, parental absence and loss. Finally, as Liz’s memories sharpen, there is a revelation that forces a complete re-evaluation of the narrative. A thoroughly engaging read. 
Genre: Literary
ISBN: 9780857051240

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