Sarah Thornhill

Sarah Thornhill
Kate Grenville
Reviewed by Sheila O'Reilly
Thu, 02/02/2012

Told in Sarah’s own words, this is the story of the youngest Thornhill, the family at the heart of Grenville’s novel The Secret River.

Sarah falls in love with Jack Langland, whom she grew up with, thinking this is forever. However the secret lurking in the Thornhills’ background emerges with devastating consequences, casting a long shadow. This beautifully written novel, a story of regret, families living with lies and ultimately understanding that your family life is not what you think, is set in the time of early settlers in Australia and New Zealand.
There’ll be some Australians who will find it uneasy reading; although Grenville does not claim historical accuracy, the novel’s theme is undoubtedly the impact of the settlers’ reactions to what they perceived as the threat of the ‘natives’. 


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