The Street Sweeper

The Street Sweeper
Elliot Perlman
Reviewed by Anna McLaren
Thu, 16/02/2012

Thousands of people pass by each other every day in New York City.  How many untold stories are carried with them?

Ex-convict Lamont Williams, now working as a hospital janitor, forges an unlikely friendship with a Holocaust survivor and gas-chamber worker, while over in a different part of town struggling academic Adam discovers a research path that will lead him into the tangled history of civil rights activism. The lives of these two very different men converge to reveal a complex association between past and present, exploring human evil, resilience and kindness and the truth that not all memories will survive to become part of history.
This is a very bold novel of great power, which spans continents in its exploration of the horrors of racism and genocide. Likely to be one of the best and most ambitious reads of this year. 

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