Titanic Lives

Titanic Lives
Richard Davenport-Hines
Reviewed by Tracy Eynon
Thu, 05/01/2012

The tragedy of the Titanic is a story that still fascinates, and as its centenary approaches, Richard Davenport-Hines has produced a lavishly detailed history of the ship and the people who associated with it.

Titanic Lives is more than just a memorial - it is a rich social history of how the ship represented a cross section of the population of America of the time, its entrepreneurs, socialites and settlers. While the ship represented fresh hope and new found wealth, life on board still reflected the barriers and divisions according to class and status. The fateful night is described according to the witness accounts of the survivors, and Davenport-Hines avoids sensation and judgement in the terrible aftermath of the sinking, and the mixed fortunes of those who survived.


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