Lynn Shepherd
Reviewed by Ann Landmann
Thu, 02/02/2012

Following in the footsteps of her first novel Murder at Mansfield Park, Tom-All-Alone’s is Lynn Shepherd’s homage to Dickens’ masterpiece Bleak House.

London 1850. Young Charles Maddox, recently dismissed from the police for insubordination, sets out on his own as a detective. His first case leads him onto a dangerous path into the intrigues of the upper class, and soon he discovers secrets that might well cost him his life. In drawing on Bleak House, Shepherd weaves together Dickens' iconic characters, such as lawyer Tulkinghorn and Inspector Bucket, with her own creation, the inquisitive Charles Maddox, in her very own Victorian murder mystery.

Compellingly written and with an engaging story, Tom- All-Alone’s is a must for fans of historic mysteries. One suspects – and hopes – that we haven’t seen the last of Charles Maddox.



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