The Train in the Night

The Train in the Night
Nick Cole
Reviewed by Jennie Box
Jonathan Cape
Thu, 02/02/2012

Nick Coleman’s enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge is a testament to his passion for music, which is also his livelihood.

Tragically, he lost hearing in one ear and suffered tinnitus in the other. All sound could cause him pain, resulting in crippling migraines. He delves into the roots of his love for music in an effort to find a way of reconfiguring it in his mind in a different way. Although there were very dark times, he is lacking in self pity, and rises to the challenge of coping with this disability.

This is a poignant, nostalgic, absorbing account of his journey. Eventually he finds a way to appreciate music again despite the pain, and at least in his head the song will remain the same.

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