The Unlucky Lottery

Publisher: Macmillan
Publication Date: 06/10/2011
RRP: £16.99

Four friends celebrate their lottery win. Then one of them, Waldemar Leverkuhn, is murdered. The brutality of the crime indicates that this is personal but Waldemar is a harmless old man with no obvious enemies.  Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is on sabbatical and Inspector Münster is assigned this puzzling case.  Another member of the syndicate goes missing and Münster calls on Van Vetereen for help.  Dark secrets about the Waldemar family are uncovered and Münster’s own life is threatened. Readers may discover the murderer for themselves but Nesser’s books are as much about character as plot, about the why as well as the whodunit and he leaves the reader with a sense of moral ambiguity.  A compelling read with its literary and often humorous style.

ISBN: 9780230745728

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