Urban Worrier

Urban Worrier
Nick Thorpe
Reviewed by Andrea Don
Little Brown
Thu, 02/06/2011

Journalist Nick Thorpe was described by a girlfriend as a "worrier", a title that has followed him throughout his adult life. Now on the verge of being approved to adopt a child with his wife, Ali, Nick decides he needs to try to let go of his angst and live in the moment. But how can you be happy when you're not in control? He embarks on a year of experiments with 
the idea that he would find the perfect way to ‘let go’. Among these journeys, he undertakes a clowning workshop, naturism at 
the Eden Project, a silent retreat 
in a monastery and rafting 
down a river with his brothers. 
In this thought-provoking story 
of discovery, he learns a lot about how to live within his own mind.

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