John Crace
Reviewed by Venyhamin
Thu, 01/09/2011

John Crace is a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan, and Vertigo comically charts his complex relationship with the team over the course of the 2010/11 season. He draws similarities between the ups and downs of supporting Spurs with his own everyday life – the latter has included spells of depression and a stint in a mental health institution. As well as organising his life around Tottenham’s fixture list, Crace is an avid and compulsive collector of Spurs memorabilia, much to the vexation of his long-suffering wife. When the team begin to do well during the season he is deeply unnerved, as he prefers them to reflect his own world and the futility of life, but by the end this order has been restored. 

Sport, games

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