Vile Visitors

Genre: Children's
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 26/09/2013
RRP: £8.99

Vile Visitors is popular children's author Diana Wynne Jones' book of two stories.

'Who got rid of Angus Flint?' is a story about those mysterious friends every family has; you know they are friends but they are so obnoxious you wonder why. Angus has come to stay for a short while – but outstays his welcome immediately.  He complains about everything and believes everything he says is profound. After a while the furniture rises up in rebellion and wreaks its revenge.

In 'Chair Person', the family friend is Marcia who is always so busy organising everything that she has no time to actually do any of it and it falls to those around her. When an old chair is accidentally splashed with the liquid from a leaky crystal ball, it is consigned to the shed. Waiting for bonfire night, it comes to life and chaos ensues. The Chair Person knows many things – but mainly TV adverts. Eventually the spell is reversed and the chair lives out his existence in the church hall. The illustrations in Vile Visitors add to the charm, and newly confident readers with imagination will love them.


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