The Wonderbox

The Wonderbox
Roman Krznaric
Reviewed by Emily Best
Fri, 13/01/2012

Based on the German Wunderkammer - a cabinet of curious objects with stories to be told and lessons to be learned – The Wonderbox draws on historical and cultural artefacts to form an instruction book for modern living.

Ranging from such lofty issues as love and death to the finer points of carpentry, Krznaric offers a compendium of fascinating and quirky anecdotes and character studies, refiguring them as practical fables for everyday life. Though a pleasure to read cover-to-cover, this book lends itself perfectly to the occasional reader looking for workable solutions to any dilemma. Though occasionally tending towards generalisation, the scope of the stories and the versatility of Krznaric’s interpretations are at once fascinating and illuminating. 


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