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The Descartes Highlands
Eric Gamalinda
Review by Adam Ley-Lange
“Hope is a fiction of the mind. It’s like Cremora… It makes coffee taste less bitter. It makes you think you’re drinking cream, but it’s all chemicals and additives.
High Crime Area
Joyce Carol Oates
Review by Jennifer Wade
An exploration of the enemy within ourselves, High Crime Area is a collection of deliciously dark and sometimes truly disturbing tales.
In this collection of e
Stark Holborn
Review by Lisa Redmond
Set in 1864, Nunslinger tells the story of Sister Thomas Josephine a Visitandine nun who has chosen to travel out to the state of California to bring God and her nursing skills to the Ca
The Man from Berlin
Luke McCallin
Review by Trisha Telep
A decorated, psychologically traumatised WW1 German combat veteran and former Berlin detective adds a fresh twist to this murder mystery set in war-torn Sarajevo in 1943.

Waiting for Doggo
Mark B. Mills
Review by Jade Craddock
“Gosh… He’s hardly a shoe-in for Crufts is he?” Doggo might not be destined to win any pampered pooch prizes but he’s all Dan’s got left to show from his four-year relationship with Clara when sh
After Helen
Paul Cavanagh
Review by Katy Hepburn
Helen Donnelly passed away over a year ago, leaving behind her husband Irving and teenage daughter Severn.
The Prophecy of Bees
R. S. Pateman
Review by Morag Adlington
The Prophecy of Bees is pure, spine-tingling entertainment; a tense utterly enthralling novel that demands complete attention.

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The Book of 365
Hugh Brazier and Jan McCann
Review by Jade Craddock
The Night Falling
Katherine Webb
Review by Sally Hughes
John Agard
Review by Sam Pope
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