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Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon
Linda Newbery
Review by Katie Clapham
Having already built a solid reputation in children’s literature, Linda Newbery’s first adult offering has the kind of slow-burning secrets that only the mature can endure.
Alice Oseman
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
An honest and gritty account of teenage life by 19-year-old author Alice Oseman.
Tori despairs of the other students in the sixth form at "Higgs".
Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught up with Rupert Murdoch
Nick Davies
Review by Sinead Fitzgibbon
On 8 July 2009, at half past four in the afternoon, the Guardian newspaper posted a story on their website written by investigative journalist Nick Davies.

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Paulo Coelho
Review by Jade Craddock
“Today I am a woman torn between the terror that everything might change and the equal terror that everything might carry on exactly the same for the rest of my days.”
Splintered Light
Cate Sampson
Review by Sue Creed
This remarkable novel grabs your attention from the first page and holds it through 41 chapters.
Finding a Voice
Kim Hood
Review by Megan Brown
Finding a Voice is a compelling and emotional snapshot into the life of Jo, a troubled teen and self-proclaimed misfit.
The Castle
Sophia Bennett
Review by Sue Creed
Peta Jones is an ordinary girl to who extraordinary things happen. This novel opens at a wedding in a country church – so far, so ordinary.
The Girl Who Wasn't There
Karen McCombie
Review by Sue Creed
It seems to me that you can't beat a good ghost story – and this new novel IS a good ghost story.
To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Jenny Han
Review by Caroline Downie
Lara Jean is the middle of three sisters. Her mother died suddenly when they were young and their father is a busy doctor.
Kim Thuy
Review by Rebecca Foster
Kim Thúy’s second semi-autobiographical novel tells the story of Mãn, a Vietnamese woman, who enters an arranged marriage in Montreal and becomes a chef.

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Paulo Coelho
Review by Jade Craddock
Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James
The Three
Sarah Lotz
Review by Caroline Carpenter
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