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Harriet Lane
Review by Anna James

Harriet Lane has created a taut, unnerving thriller in Her that will keep you in its hold until the devastating conclusion.

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Review by Jade Craddock

"If you want to be a Winslow you will have to change what being a Winslow means. You will have to take them all down."

Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen
Review by Caroline Carpenter

Sam and Hannah are finishing their A-levels and preparing for university by making plans to get drunk, party with friends and lose their virginity.

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Dragon Shield
Charlie Fletcher
Review by Clair Stanton
When staff at the British Museum mend an artefact in the Ancient Egyptian gallery they unwittingly unleash a dark force which stops time, freezing all of the people in London in their tracks - al
Breaking Light
Karin Altenberg
Review by Clair Stanton
When Gabriel Askew returns to the village in which he grew up he acquires an allotment and hopes to spend his days peacefully.
The Cat Who Came in off the Roof
Annie M.G. Schmidt
Review by Hannah Love
Pushkin Press are dedicated to publishing the best stories from around the world and we are to be thankful that they have translated such a gem as The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof, trans
The Mark of Cain
Lindsey Barraclough
Review by Katie Clapham
After Barraclough’s genuinely chilling debut Long Lankin, the idea of a sequel sounded unnecessary, but reading The Mark of Cain it becomes clear why the author couldn’t resist
Eye of the Gargoyle
Sam Penant
Review by Sarah Ormes

Dax Daley thinks he is just an average sarcastic, unenthusiastic, moody schoolboy destined to live at home with his irritating parents forever but he hadn't counted on testing positive for a new ge

The Storms of War
Kate Williams
Review by Sally Hughes

This is the first in a trilogy about the de Witt family taking them from the outbreak of the First World War through to 1939.

Flirty Dancing
Jenny McLachlan
Review by Laura Iredale

Get to know the Jive Monkeys - Bea Hogg (our female "though she be but little she is fierce" protagonist) and Ollie "McFittie" Matthews as they get to know each other.

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Fifteen Bones
R. J. Morgan
Review by Kristy Rabbitt
We Were Liars
E. Lockhart
Review by Anna James
No Harm Can Come to a Good Man
James Smythe
Review by Sally Hughes
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