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A Twist of the Knife
Peter James
Review by Morag Adlington
Another crime writer once expressed the opinion that good crime writing could only be the product of twisted, devious minds with dark, secret places tucked well away from public view.
A Proper Family Christmas
Chrissie Manby
Review by Jade Craddock
Annabel Buchanan has an enviable life, a beautiful husband, a thriving 16-year-old daughter, a huge country pile and all the wealth and luxury one could want.
The Last of the Spirits
Chris Priestley
Review by Sam Pope
In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens introduces us to two allegorical twins - Ignorance and Want - in order to portray the brutal reality of childhood poverty in London.
Crooked Heart
Lissa Evans
Review by Anna James

Crooked Heart is a heartwarming and engaging wartime novel that never descends into sentimentality or cliche. 

The Silk Tree
Julian Stockwin
Review by Morag Adlington
After years of well-researched naval histories, it is interesting to see Julian Stockwin stepping onto dry land.
Alexander McCall Smith
Review by Joy Robinson
Alexander McCall Smith is such a terrific observer and commentator of contemporary social mores that his reimagining of Emma seems absolutely inevitable and perfectly matched.
Cold Spell
Jackson Pearce
Review by Becca Watts
Ginny and Kai have always been together, the two of them against the world.

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The Book of 365
Hugh Brazier and Jan McCann
Review by Jade Craddock
The Night Falling
Katherine Webb
Review by Sally Hughes
John Agard
Review by Sam Pope
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