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Head of State
Andrew Marr
Review by Sinead Fitzgibbon
Andrew Marr, according to the publisher’s blurb, "has long wanted to write a political satire". One can understand why.

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Magisterium: The Iron Trial
Cassandra Clare and Holly Black
Review by Hannah Love
Cal has always been warned by his father that magicians are dangerous, and that at all costs Cal must hide his talent and not be accepted by the formidable Magisterium.
Thirteen Chairs
Dave Shelton
Review by Becca Watts
A boy enters a room. In the room are 12 seated people with one chair spare. A chair for Jack. As Jack joins this strange band of characters, each in turn shares a story.
The Boundless
Kenneth Oppel
Review by Hannah Love
With a train of 987 carriages, an onboard circus, an electrified funeral car filled with treasure, and the occasional sasquatch, The Boundless has all the ingredients for a great adventu
The Secret Paris CInema Club
Nicolas Barreau
Review by Sally Hughes
There is only one word for this - "charmant". It is a totally delightful escapist read, the perfect antidote to a hard day at the office.
Shakespeare for Grown-ups
Elizabeth Foley and Beth Coates
Review by Clair Stanton
Brush up your Shakespeare with this, the fourth ''for grown-ups'' book by Foley and Coates.
The Impossible Knife of Memory
Laurie Halse Anderson
Review by Megan Brown
This captivating piece of YA fiction traces the unique life of fiery teenager Hayley and her unrelenting struggle with painful memories.
The Jewel
Amy Ewing
Review by Becca Watts
For Violet, life is nothing to do with choices.

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Paulo Coelho
Review by Jade Craddock
Herring Girl
Debbie Taylor
Review by Tracy Eynon
Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon
Linda Newbery
Review by Katie Clapham
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