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The Wives of Los Alamos
TaraShea Nesbit
Review by Anna James

The Wives of Los Alamos tells the story of the women who accompanied their husbands to 'Site Y' in New Mexico where the atomic bomb was developed during the Second World War.

In Paradise
Peter Matthiessen
Review by Adam Ley-Lange

When Peter Matthiessen passed away earlier this month, he left behind a strange and ambiguous final world. 

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Little Answer
Tim Hopgood

Tim Hopgood's delightful new picture book Little Answer asks us - what would happen if the answer to everything was the same? Its conclusion?

Frog Music
Emma Donoghue
Review by Tracy Eynon

Frog Music's heroine, Blanche Beunon, is a celebrated bordello dancer in 19th century San Francisco.

Far From You
Tess Sharpe
Review by Rebecca Watts

The first time Tess Sharpe's heroine, Sophie, almost dies, she is left with a ruined body; a leg held together with pins, horrific scarring and a serious addiction to pain medication.

Dark Aemilia
Sally O'Reilly
Review by Sally Hughes

Dark Aemilia is a rollicking tale of poetry and passion, witchcraft and treachery, love and intrigue in a world of beauty and danger.

Amy & Matthew
Cammie McGovern
Review by Charlotte Eyre

Amy and Matthew are two teenagers that not only have to deal with the usual trials and tribulations of adolescence, but also cerebral palsy (her) and obsessive compulsive disorder (him).

A Nasty Piece of Work
Robert Littell
Review by Barry Forshaw

The publishing phenomenon that was Robert Littell’s The Company was always going to be a hard act to follow.

No Book but the World
Leah Hager Cohen
Review by Jade Craddock

From the Orange Prize longlisted author of The Grief of Others, Leah Hagen Cohen, comes No Book But the World, a dark and thought-provoking read about responsibility, human behavi

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The First Rule Of Survival
Paul Mendelson
Review by Gerard O'Hare
The Gospel of Loki
Joanne M. Harris
Review by Emily Webb
Dawn O'Porter
Review by Anna James
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